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In the 1980's the founder of STI, Virgil Tripp was hand crafting competition 1911 pistols using basically the same components and techniques of other gunsmiths of that era.

Because of the need for product improvement, Tripp Research Inc., now STI International, led the firearms industry into the precision world of "EDM" hammers, sears, and other components.

From this highly successful line of precision components, STI then pioneered the "MODULAR" frame which provided a multitude of desirable features such as a 30 lpi full checked grip assembly, 25 lpi checkered trigger guard, 35% weight reduction, less felt recoil, higher capacity, and repeatable dimensions.

Then STI introduced complete pistols of such quality they quickly became the standard by which other I.P.S.C. firearms and fine "carry" guns are measured.

Now STI leads the industry again with precision subassemblies in progressive stages of factory completion. Using "EDM" and "CNC" machine tools and precision grinding equipment, STI can supply fitted slide/frames or shortblocks to which gunsmiths of all skill levels can add their own finishing touches at a very reasonable cost.

In the Future STI will continue improving and introducing new products to you our valued customer.

Virgil Trip
Tripp Research
David L. Skinner
President / C.E.O.
STI International, Inc.

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