There's no such thing as a 'bullet-proof' vest. Any vest hit enough times, or by a high-velocity penetrating round, can fail. To help you determine how much stopping power you need against various weapons and bullets, the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) developed its Threat Level Matrix (see chart below). NIJ Certification tests are performed at approved independent labs like H.P.White Laboratories, Inc. in Maryland.

NIJ Chart


NIJ Certification An NIJ Certified model has successfully stopped 48 rounds in laboratory conditions. These conditions, considered "worst case," are usually beyond what you'll ever encounter on the street. During certification, vests are shot both dry and wet and at various angles. Each vest is placed against a soft clay surface and shot in a predetermined pattern to test for backface deformation that can cause blunt trauma. (Since a bullet hits with a sledgehammer impact, blunt trauma can debilitate your ability to respond to an attack.)

V5O Testing Safariland was the first company to test every NIJ Certified vest using MILSPEC 662E V50 to benchmark performance for each certified model. This rating lets you evaluate your vest's performance now and in the future.

ISO-9001 Certification Safariland was also the first company in our industry attain ISO-9001 Quality Certification. To become certified, the company had to submit a written manual detailing our quality controls - from initial design to final production and proof that these procedures are followed day in and day out for consistent, dependable quality. ISO-9001 is more stringent than ISO-9002 because it requires greater management responsibility, design control, quality auditing and personnel training.





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