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Reloading Machines

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Square Deal B

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Square Deal "B" was designed to produce large amounts of ammunition in the least possible time for just a little bit of money.

Comes complete with factory adjusted dies and is available in fourteen handgun calibers!At 400 to 500 rounds per hour


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AT 500

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The only
Fully Upgradeable Turret Reloader
Based on our time-proven RL 550B frame, the "Advanced Turret 500" is fully upgradeable, and offers the convenience
of an indexable shellplate and inter-changeable toolheads!


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RL-550 B

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More RL 550s have been sold than any other progressive machine in the world. And for good reason. The RL 550B’s versatility is almost unlimited. It will load over 120 different rifle and pistol calibers. Its quick change toolhead allows the user to change calibers without having to readjust dies..."

(basic machine only, no conversion included)

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Versatility was a design objective, so the XL 650 lets the user load virtually every popular pistol and rifle cartridge utilizing standard dies...


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Weighing in at 54 pounds, this eight-station hunk of precision machinery aligns your cases, feeds them into the shellplate, sizes, swages the crimp out of military primer pockets, expands, primes, charges the case with powder, checks the charge*, seats the bullet, crimps the case and ejects the loaded rounds at a rate of up to 1200 rounds per hour. The RL 1050 is warranted for life from defects in materials or workmanship, plus a one-year, 100- percent warranty against normal wear..."


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The new
standard in
shotshell reloading. The
SL 900
features easily adjustable, case-activated powder and shot systems that eliminate troublesome bushing changes along with
spilled powder
and shot. The powder
measure is the
same proven
design used on
our metallic cartridge reloaders,
renowned for its accuracy (within one-tenth of a grain) and consistency.



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Automatic Primer Filler

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The Automatic Primer Filler eliminates the task of filling primer pick up tubes.  

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