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Serendipity SL

The Serendipity SL incorporates all of the competition proven features that champion shooters rely on. The super light weight (3.75 oz.) and uncluttered field of view provide the quickest handling features possible.
Serendipity SL means light speed target acquisition. It is fastest on target and from target to target. The perfect balance and pointability of the Serendipity SL creates unsurpassed gun handling performance.
Awarded U.S. patent # 5,369,888 with other U.S. and foreign patents pending, the unique heads up display of the Serendipity SL is the first user-friendly sight system created where sight alignment is automatic for shooters of every ability.
The Serendipity SL incorporates an integral frame mount as standard for the preferred competition mounting method. It is available in three pad widths to fit most competition pistols


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Serendipity SL & Railway   

sights are now available Color RED and Blue





The Railway brings the patented C-MORE Systems, competition proven technology to every firearm with a mounting rail:

- Heads Up display for an uncluttered super wide field of view
- Fits all weaver and picatinny rail designs
- Space age lightweight polymer sight body, with an aircraft alloy base
- Quickly installed using 3 thumbnut tightened clamps for extra stability
  Printed circuit board construction to eliminate broken, frayed, and shorted    
- High intensity and high efficiency diode for super bright dot and long 
  battery life 
- Interchangeable modular dot design allows shooters to change dot size
- Greater range of windage and elevation adjustment than any other sight 
- Positive locking for windage and elevation settings
- Awarded US pat. #'s 5,369,888 and 5,383,278; other US and foreign patents 


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Replacement Modules 4,6,8,12 or 16 MOA   $49.95   Free Shipping US !!!


Tactical Models




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