Sleep Cooler in Summer, Set your ideal Temperature in Winter... Sleep Better!

Millions of people suffer from night sweats, hot flashes, or just being too hot to sleep. The Chili Technology solution adjusts the temperature of your bed between 46°F and 118°F so you can achieve restful sleep. This safe, innovative system creates a balanced temperature to consistently keep you at your desired temperature throughout the night.


The ChiliPad™ give you the power to change the temperature of your bed. A Single ChiliPad™ works for ANY bed! Dual units allow each side to adjust independently! Discover what sleeping all night feels like again...


How does it work?
The Chili Technology solution uses water to generate a wide range of in-bed temperature adjustments. Similar to the semi-conductor technology that cools your computer, water passes by the chip and depending on the direction of electron flow, the water is cooled or heated. The water flows through soft coils, actively adjusting the temperature of the surface of the bed. There is nothing but water flowing through the mattress pad; all temperature change happens in the control unit placed conveniently under the bed.

Using advances in semiconductor technology the temperature can change from 46°F to 118°F, at a fraction of the cost of air-conditioning. The result is the effect of a cool or warm bed throughout a night's sleep. The motor is virtually silent (under 20 dBa) and has been designed to fit under a standard bed frame. It is controlled in one degree increments with a hand held remote. The benefits of a cooler night's sleep are medically proven to increase the amount of REM sleep during the night. Chili Technology is a revolution in sleep!


Single Zone ChiliPad - Single (30" x 70")
Code: CP109
Price: $299.00
Dual Zone ChiliPad - Queen
Code: CP105
Price: $599.00
Single Zone ChiliPad - Twin
Code: CP101
Price: $399.00
Single Zone ChiliPad - Twin XL
Code: CP102
Price: $419.00
Dual Zone ChiliPad - King
Code: CP106
Price: $699.00
Single Zone ChiliPad - Full
Code: CP103
Price: $429.00
Single Zone ChiliPad - Queen
Code: CP104
Price: $499.00
Dual Zone ChiliPad - California King
Code: CP107
Price: $699.00

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Singles 30" x 74"
Twin 38" x 75"
Twin XL 38" x 80"
Full 53" x 75"
Single Queen 60" x 80"
Dual Zone Queen 60" x 80"
King 76" x 80"
Cal King 72" x 84"



Stages of Sleep
When continuous sleep is experienced you pass through phases and stages of sleep. There are 2 distinct phases of sleep NREM (Non-Rapid Eye Movement) and REM (Rapid Eye Movement) experienced throughout a typical 8 hour period. Both of these phases alternate every 90 minutes. Getting the right mix and enough of both REM and NREM sleep will help you maintain your natural sleep pattern and have restful and restorative sleep. As you begin to fall asleep your body enters NREM . Ninety minutes into sleep your body enters REM sleep. REM sleep is necessary to provide energy to the brain and body. During REM you dream, your eyes dart back and fourth, your body becomes relaxed, muscles shut down and your breathing and heart rate may become irregular. This deep sleep is important to daytime performance and may contribute to memory consolidation. NREM takes place approximately 75% of the night and REM accounts for the remaining 25%. As soon as you begin to fall asleep your body begins going through stages of sleep to help achieve your most restful sleep.

* Stage 1: Light sleep; between being awake and falling asleep
* Stage 2: Onset of sleep; becoming disengaged with the environment; breathing and heart rate are regular and body temperature decreases
* Stage 3 & 4: Deepest and most restorative sleep; blood pressure drops; breathing becomes slower; energy is regained; and hormones are released for growth development

*All information obtained from National Sleep Foundation.

Energy Savings  
Why cool your whole house when you can cool just your bed? According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, air conditioning accounts for 45% of the annual average home energy budget in America. The most effective way to reduce your A/C bill is to raise your thermostat, typically in the evening or at night. This makes it very difficult - if not impossible - for anyone to get a good night's sleep and save energy.

Because Chili Technology lets you change the microclimate of your bed between 46° and 118°F, it can be used 12 months out of the year. So whether you are turning your thermostat down in the winter or up in the summer, you don't have to sacrifice comfortable sleep for your budget.

The Chili Technology control units use 150 watts at peak and average 80 watts under normal use, which is only a fraction of the power used by a household air conditioner or heating system. Chili Technology provides the cool relief you need in order to comfortably raise your thermostat as much as 8 degrees over a short period of time. For every degree the thermostat is raised, 4% to 8% can be saved on cooling costs. This table shows savings based on raising your thermostat by 7 degrees, with a savings factor of 6% per degree. For this charted example, the ChiliPad™ is set on 68°F.



Testimonials From Physicians
Dr. David - FL
"My wife and I love this product. We can now sleep like babies again and we tell everyone about your product. Seriously, we have saved a fortune on air conditioning power bills since we started using the ChiliPad™. My wife can not sleep without it anymore. We might buy another one so that when we wear this one out we have a back up ready to go, That's how important your product is. Without restful sleep people develop elevated blood pressure, increased stress hormones and irritability - your product is a wonder of modern science. Anyone who has trouble sleeping, for any reason, needs to try the ChiliPad™ before they become dependent on sleeping medication."
Dr. Margueritte Gilkey - McDonald, NC
"My husband and I have argued for years about the ideal temperature for our room at night. He stays cold and I typically have found it impossible to be cold enough. The problem only intensified as I reached the age of 50 and began to have hot flashes. In addition we recently bought one of the popular viscoelastic beds. Once your sleeping spot encounters body heat -the mattress absorbs and holds on to the temperature. This made sleeping almost impossible for me. As soon as I heard about ChiliPad™ I ordered one immediately. The product is offered by Brookstone. Its price- $499 for a single unit and $999 for a king size -is steep but it comes with an unconditional money back guarantee. I went for it. ChiliPad™ was easy to order and it arrived well packaged in several days. Setting up the product took less than 15 minutes. Even before turning it on the mattress felt more comfortable. Although you cannot feel the channels beneath the cover it made the bed seem slightly cushioned. I dialed in the lowest setting at 65o F and the bed became noticeably cooler in minutes. The first night amazingly I did not wake up at 2 AM burning hot. That was great. Unfortunately a few hours later I became too cool but was not awake enough to adjust the temperature even though it is easy to do with the remote. The next night I set the temperature higher. This time I did wake up at 2AM but there was an important difference. The mattress did not hold on to my body heat- and I quickly went back to sleep. Over the next few nights I was able to fine-tune the system further. The ChiliPad™ has a great feature that allows you to turn the unit on or off at a specified time. I found turning the unit off several hours before my waking time was the answer for me. One must not forget that ChiliPad™ can warm as well as cool. This has been great for my husband. We find we can sleep in a cooler room and I am hoping this will lower our heating bills. Although I have most often used the cooling feature of ChiliPad™ , I have also used the warm setting to preheat my side for a short while before getting into bed. It is a luxury to get into a warm bed on a cold night. It is especially a luxury to then be able to lower the temperature when I am warm enough! In conclusion, the ChiliPad™ is a unique system that will finally allow you to fully adjust the temperature for your side of the bed. It is easy to use and it works as it promises. The only negative is perhaps how much it costs. Is it worth the price? I certainly think so - and if you find that it doesn't work for you - it can be easily returned within 90 days. The company says and I agree - with ChiliPad™ 'Your best night's sleep is a few degrees away.'"
Testimonials From Women
Karen Giblin, President, Red Hot Mamas
"When having hot flashes, it's hard to fool Mother Nature. Hot flashes, night sweats affect 75-85% of women. Women feel intense heat, get flushed, perspire, and they may get uncomfortably wet during the night. This may cause them to awaken and the next day they may feel fatigued and moody. Good news gals, we now have a product that can fool Mother Nature. The new product is the ChiliPad™ which gives some of us a new lease on menopausal life.
So, as the temperatures soars in your bed at night,and you are tossing and turning feeling that greenhouse effect when those hot flashes and night sweats strike, all you have to now do is to turn on your ChiliPad™. Your bed will stay cool and you will be more comfortable during the night. ChiliPad™ is a Red Hot Mamas approved product".


Debra (age 44) - TX
"ChiliPad™ made a huge difference in my ability to sleep well. When I found this product, I was seeking relief from hot flashes - after using it, I noticed other aches, pains and stiffness (due to herniated discs) were remarkably less getting out of bed in the morning. With the help of this product my husband and I now sleep much better. I always use the cooling feature of ChiliPad™ on 46 degrees, but my husband uses the warm setting to preheat the bed. It is always a luxury to get into a chilled bed for me, and equally satisfying for him on a warm setting on a cold night. He especially considers it a luxury to be able to lower the temperature when he is feeling warm enough! ChiliPad™ has reduced the severity of my hot flashes, aches and pains - my husbands snoring is, for the most part, stopped - tossing and turning is much less allowing us both to get a better night sleep. I have not woke up soaking wet with sweat since I received my ChiliPad™ six months ago and my eleven year old daughter also sleeps better now that I set the air conditioner on 72 at night, rather than 68 degrees! Think of the savings on electric bills!"



Debra Codero (age 55) - Kansas City MO
"I am writing to let you know that I am thrilled with my ChiliPad™. Every woman should be aware of your product before their doctor starts prescribing anti-depressants, clonidine and, worse yet, hormones for hot flashes. I have not had one since putting it on the bed. I sleep with a sheet, blanket and comforter now. If I want to snuggle w/my husband, who has his side on warm, I just keep my body on the cool side and everything's great."

Joyce (age 55)
"I think the ChiliPad™ is fabulous, I have suffered from hot flashes and have tried many different products including new mattresses, new "Coolmax" sheets/mattress pads, fans, and even creating a second bed outside on a lanai. I've kept the thermostat in the low 60's during the evening. Your product is a godsend for me and I have recently purchased two more. They will pay for themselves in less than a year, this is something that your future consumers should know".
Sandra - Miami, FL
"I have received my chilipad and am ecstatic! Finally a good night's sleep. I have already been promoting this amazing product to anyone who will listen!!"
Melissa Kubecki - Fort Worth, TX
"Being a nurse and having a hysterectomy at 45 and hormones not being an option, the ChiliPad™ has been a life saver. Hormone replacement therapy of any kind was out of the question for me. I thought I would just have to put up with huge A/C bills, moody, cranky and tired all the time, due to no restful sleep. I live in Texas, the problem is the nighttime temperatures can be high and it takes until 3am to 5am in the morning for the temperature to come down enough to cool the house to a comfortable sleeping temperature. A/C units are severely taxed when the temperature is over 95 degrees; they work better and are more efficient at lower temperatures. I have lowered my energy bills, even with over 100 degree days and only dropping into the mid 80's at night, by over $100.00-150.00 a month for July and August. The Chili-pad is easy to operate and has minimal maintenance. It is extremely comfortable to sleep on and it fits the bed very well. There are so many people that could benefit from this product, not just women with hot flashes and night sweats. I feel that it should be recommended by every Doctor and Chiropractor in the world. When you sleep well at night you have faster recovery from illness or surgery, and require less medication to recover."
Tammy - KS
"This is the best purchase that we have made. My husband purchased the ChiliPad™ for my hot flashes. My husband now sleeps up to 3 hours longer since sleeping on the ChiliPad™. We take it everywhere with us. We will leave other items behind just to make room for the ChiliPad™. I do not have to worry about hot flashes while sleeping on the ChiliPad™. It has been the best purchase in our 25 year marriage. Thanks for creating such a wonderful product. The ChiliPad™ is the best thing since sliced bread. I love mine."
Pam in Miami
"I rarely write to a company on how great their product is ....I am just to busy for one more e-mail but I have to tell you this Chili Pad is a "godsend"....and a GREAT product. Because of hot flashes ....a type A
personality that keeps me so often from deep sleep...and not to mention living in hot humid Miami ....I have slept better since receiving the mattress pad than I have in years and have told many people about it and hope they try it out. I am glad one night ...I surfed the net for something cool to sleep on and found out about this product...good job to the designer....and thank you for a wonderful
"I wanted you to know how much I love (still love!) the ChiliPad. It has made a huge difference in my sleep - and frankly, right now, that is just about the favorite part of my day. I can not wait to get in bed each night and I no longer bounce from bed to bed like Goldilocks trying to find JUST RIGHT. Mike likes it too. So, thank you for discovering this!"
"I have chronic pain in my back neck and shoulders. Due to complications of medical therapy, I have suffered from almost constant hot flashes for over 18 months. When I found this product, I was almost desperate for relief from my constant sweating and with the help of this product I can now tailor my environment to more suit my needs. The staff of chili pad has also been really helpful in answering any of my questions on how to setup and use their product."
Testimonials From Men
Jeff in LA
"I purchased the chilipad dual zone after doing some research into insomnia. There are several articles that say sleeping in a colder room helps and I always found myself hot at night even with a fan and the a/c turned down. I've had the pad for a couple months now and find that I'm able to sleep better and not wake up hot in the middle of the night with the ChiliPad™ plus I don't have to turn my a/c down so low and I've seen the difference in my electric bill already!"
"My wife and I purchased the Dual ChiliPad™ last year and it has made a tremendous impact on our ability to sleep through the night. We both set out ChiliPad™ to different temperatures and with the cool ChiliPad™ beneath us and a warm comforter on top we are able to achieve much deeper sleep every night. We both feel so much more refreshed every morning. This is a great product!"
Phil in AZ
"Much of my adult life, I have had trouble sleeping, especially in the summer time, due to my body temperature rising throughout the night. I would wake frequently, having to throw the covers off the bed, tossing and turning trying to get cool. Then I discovered the ChiliPad™. What a fantastic invention!! The pad is very effective at drawing off excess body heat, even while I remain under a comforter. I now can sleep through out the night, no matter what my body temperature is doing. The pad, also adds a comfortable layer of cushioning to the bed, from the soft flexible tubing and circulating water. Additionally are no wires to lay on, and there is no electromagnetic field to worry about. Thanks ChiliPad™!!"
Tom in Australia
"Catherine, my wife, has had rheumatoid arthritis since she was 3 and had her first hip replacement at age 29. Her condition means that her immune system is aggressively trying to destroy her cartilage, so her joints get amazingly hot. Even in the middle of winter she has to stick her feet out the end of the bed to cool them down. The ChiliPad™ seems to be really helping her - her joints seem much cooler overnight and she's able to sleep a lot better."
John in Australia
"I live Downunder (in Australia) and bought my ChiliPad™ six months ago. For as long as I can remember, I have always overheated in bed. The miracle of the ChiliPad™ is that it gently draws the heat away from your body. I now sleep like a baby. I can't recommend it highly enough. While I'm at it, I'd like to commend Chili Technology on their exceptional customer service. Well done. Great product. Great people."
Mike in NY
"Because I had back surgery that failed last year, the moist heat seems to help in my lower back where the nerve damage is and in the summertime, it's the best for a sunburned back or arms.
Robert, Hendersonville, NC
"The Chilipad is remarkable. We live in the mountains and in the spring and fall it is hot at night and cool in the morning, and the CHILIPAD ADJUSTS! Makes you cooler at night and warms you in the morning! What else could do that? It's remarkable! "
"The Chilipad is great. We have had it for a week and love it. It is so comfortable and it is great to cool or heat our bed. I like it cool my wife likes it warm. Good thing she has her own remote. Our friends are amazed we have something that cools a bed or heats it."
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