El Hombre: Our distinctive Nogales Clip Point blades are ideal for shearing through thick, fibrous materials like manila rope, cable, hose, and belts. They feature double thumb studs for ambidextrous, lightening fast opening, and jimping on the blade spine to provide the thumb with extra purchase and control. Plus, they have lightweight Zytel® handles with stainless clips, making it easy to keep your Nogales folder nearby at all times.

Fashioned from AUS 8A stainless steel (which outperforms ATS-34), these blades are precision flat ground to form a long shallow "V" cross section. The serrated edges form a sinuous double curve. This means that whatever material is struck with the inward curving portion of the edge (nearest the hand) will automatically force the remaining outward curved edge entirely through.

El Lobo :A smaller version of our El Hombre, with a 3' blade. The "Wolf" is perfect for all your smaller cutting chores.

Order Number Mfg. Part Number Description Price
CSL 00167 22EHL  El Hombre ( Plain ) $80.99
CSL 00168 22EHLS  El Hombre 
( Serrated )
CSL 00222 22W  El Lobo ( Plain ) $71.99
CSL 00221 22WS  El Lobo ( Serrated ) $71.99

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Emergency Rescue: is a regular occurrence for Police, Fire and Paramedic personnel. And emergency situations on land and sea often require an extra sharp knife.

The ER1 was designed with this in mind. It features a patented sliding lock mechanism that offers an easily accessible blade in a very safe package. When closed,
the razor-sharp blade is locked securely inside a tough Zytel® housing.

To open: simply slide the button forward until it snaps into place. Once in the open position the ER1 has been laboratory certified to withstand at least 50 lbs of pressure on the point without collapsing and yet the whole package weighs a feather-light 1.6 ounces!

The blade is hollow ground like a straight razor and has our exclusive serration pattern for smooth long-lasting cutting power. As an added safety feature, the ER1 has a "sheepsfoot" point. This is particularly useful in accident situations for cutting away seat belts or heavy clothing, where a more pointed blade is less desirable.

Order Number Mfg. Part Number Description Price
CSL 00023 32NS  ER1 Emerg. Rescue Knife 33.29

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The Gunsite II Folder is a smaller version of our already famous Gunsite Folder! The Gunsite II has a blade length of 4" long.

Cold Steel is right on target with the Gunsite Folders-the first authorized and official knives of the renowned Gunsite Training Center, one of the leading U.S. providers of training in firearms education. Intelligently styled, these tanto folders are as imposing as the Gunsite Center's famed black raven trademark.

Featuring a versatile "50/50" plain and serrated edge style with extraordinarily strong locking mechanisms (the larger model can hold up to 130 lbs.!), the Gunsite Folders are ready for a variety of tactical missions.

Like our Voyagers®, the Gunsite folders have an all Zytel® handle with and integral pocket clip for easy carry. 

Order Number Mfg. Part Number Description Price
CSL 00169 34GXTH  Gunsite Folder $89.99
CSL 00200 34GLTH  Gunsite II $76.49

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Due to their light weight and convenience, Zytel® handled Voyagers have gained enormous popularity at the expense of heavier, traditional lockbacks with their metal bolsters and wooden scale handles. Our Voyager® Series is the new generation of ultra-light knives and are sure to be the standard by which others are judged for years to come!

The Voyager® Series are made from the same premium AUS 8A stainless steel. They feature precision milled and hand fitted parts with extra stiff springs. This provides a lock that is safer and stronger than most traditional folders. The blades are extremely wide and ground thin at the edge for tremendous shearing potential. This thin edge allows us to hone the blade to astounding sharpness. Plus, the cutting surface is continuously curved along its entire length for the most efficient possible slicing action. Because of the high carbon content in the stainless steel, you'll find that the sharpness really lasts.

If you like serrations, you'll really appreciate our exclusive pattern. It offers the aggressive ripping action of serrated teeth, but with a twist. Our design features groups of very small teeth separated by wide, shallow arcs. This results in the benefits of both a plain and a serrated edge, so that the knife still cuts smoothly through almost any material.

Voyagers®open effortlessly with just one hand, so they're ideal when you're working "short handed." The thumb stud is reversible for left handed operation.


The Voyager® Series offers all the advantages of the latest in lockback construction technology including lightening-quick one-handed opening, light weight and strength, yet without the necessity for unsightly humps or holes in the blade. The result is a more appealing traditional look with very modern styling. Every detail has been designed for maximum performance from the reinforced pivot pin, and the integral clip, to the grooved thumb shelf on the back of the knife for extra traction. Plus, the handle offers a superbly comfortable non-slip grip and it houses the blade in a sleek, super-light package that can be carried all day without effort.

You'll be amazed at the lightness of these knives. Just slip one in your pocket or waistband and you'll forget it's even there, until you need it.To minimize the possibility of breaking your clip, always attach your Voyager® as shown (right).

As tools, these lightweight, super sharp knives are appropriate in almost any environment from hunting and camping, to hiking and general utility chores. They can also readily fill specialty functions such as a boat or river knife, a chute knife or demanding police/survival/rescue applications.


Order Number Mfg. Part Number Description Price
CSL 00032 34XC  Voyager XLg.Clip.Pt.Plain $76.49
CSL 00033 34XCS Voyager XLg.Clip.Pt.Serr. $76.49
CSL 00150 34XT Voyager Lg.Tanto.Pt.Plain $80.99
CSL 00151 34XTS  Voyager Lg.Tanto.Pt.Serr $80.99
CSL 00028 34MC  Voyager Med.Clip.Pt.Plain $53.99
CSL 00029 34MCS Voyager Med.Clip.Pt.Serr $53.99
CSL 00030 34MT Voyager Med.Tanto.Pt.Plain $58.49
CSL 00031 34MTS Voyager Med.Tanto.Pt.Serr $58.49

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Four hundred years ago Spanish settlers brought horses and cattle to Mexico and set them free to graze and reproduce. Soon there were huge herds and enormous ranches throughout northern Mexico. To work these huge ranches, local Indians were taught to ride a horse and herd cattle. These early herdsman became known as the Vicarious (from the Spanish word vaca or cow), renowned throughout the west for their peerless horsemanship and their tradition of self reliance and rugged individualism.

Now Lynn C. Thompson has designed a unique series of folding knives that embody the characteristics and rich cultural heritage of America's original cowboys and named them the Vicarious in their honor.


"Nogales" Clip Point

All of the Vicarious feature a unique patented "Nogales" clip point blade which is, without a doubt, the most wickedly efficient design on the market. The key to their unheard of cutting ability is two fold. First, each extra wide blade has been precision flat ground to form a long shallow "V" cross section that is ideal for shearing through thick, tough fibrous materials like manila rope, cable, hose, belts etc. Second, their razor sharp serrated edges form a sinuous double curve. This means whenever the target is struck with the inward curving portion of the edge (nearest the hand) a strong drawing motion will automatically force the remaining outward curved edge entirely through the target.

Words are just not enough to describe the wonderful curves and great lines of our Vicarious. In fact, we think the only way you'll appreciate their keen flashing blades and gracefully sculpted handles is when you cradle one of them in your hand.

The Vaquero Grande

The biggest knife in the Vaquero Series is the Vaquero Grande. The overall length of this magnificent knife is slightly more than 13 inches giving it unparalleled advantages in reach and cutting power. Its awesome 1/8" thick AUS 8A blade is beautifully polished and measures an enormous 6" long by 11/4" wide. Its Zytel handle is equally impressive stretching the tape to 71/4" long by 5/8" thick.

But don't let these seemingly oversized dimensions fool you into thinking there is something awkward or clumsy about this knife. The Vaquero Grande, at 6 oz. is incredibly light for its size and has been carefully sculpted to be as fast and sleek as possible with out any sacrifice in strength.

El Vaquero

The large Vaquero is almost a mirror image of the Vaquero Grande. It offers the same steel, heat treatment, sharpness, fit and finish. Even the blade shape and handle are virtually identical. The only real differences are a reduction in weight, to 4.6 ounces and a smaller blade (5") and handle, to accommodate those who value the strength and cutting power of the Grande, but prefer a knife that rides a little lighter on the belt or in the pocket.



The new Vaqueros feature jimping on the blade!




Both the Vaqueros feature a black steel clip!


They fit in your pocket with ease!


Order Number Mfg. Part Number Description Price
CSL 00205 21LNSC El Vaquero $94.49
CSL 00204 21GNSC Vaquero Grande $103.49

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Tough enough to do the job and light enough to be handy, Cold Steel's Tough Lite's are there when you need them because they're perfectly sized to carry on a keychain, jacket zipper, or lanyard.

The Tough Lite's, wide, 13/4" long blades are fashioned from AUS 8A Stainless steel, honed to razor sharpness and ready for use. Quality counts, and we know of no other company using such a high grade stainless steel in a pocket knife. The extra width allows a long, flat ground bevel which shears deep into a surface without wedging in it.

They come complete with a lanyard hook to easily attach to any keychain, belt loop, zipper pull, or neck lanyard. The sleek, Zytel® handles provide excellent control. The Tough Lites are also flat and light enough to be carried all day in the pocket of even tropical weight pants. The reinforced pivot pins and lockwork are capable of holding more than 40 pounds.

Ideal as a small knife that's meant to earn its keep and not just to clean fingernails. The Tough Lites can cut it.

Order Number Mfg. Part Number Description Price
CSL 00185 23C  Tuff-Lite (Clip) $28.79
CSL 00186 23T Tuff-Lite (Tanto) $33.29

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Also available in International Blue.

When someone's life is in danger, there is often not enough time to fumble around trying to open a Swiss Army® or "tool" type knife and saw frantically away in a desperate bid to free them. You see, those types of knives have blades that are just too short, narrow and dull to immediately sever thick, tough, or fibrous material like rope, belts, straps, cables or webbing.

That's why Cold Steel designed the Land/Sea Rescue knife. In emergencies it can be opened in the blink of an eye with either hand. Once it's locked open it can cut with the fury of a chain saw on account of its big, wide, flat ground blade and thin, razor sharp serrated edge. What's more, unlike other knifes, it features a semi-rounded "sheep's foot" point that is less likely to injure accident victims when cutting away seat belts or clothing.

Order Number Mfg. Part Number Description Price
CSL 00170 34RLS Land & Sea Rescue Black $71.99
CSL 00171 34RLSB Land & Sea Rescue Blue $71.99

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Sharp as Saladin's legendary blade, the sleek, classically curved Cold Steel Scimitar places the power of the sword in your pocket. Our craftsmen have captured the timeless quality of superior cutlery and united it with the finest in modern materials. The result is a dazzling, high impact folding linerlock like no other knife available.

The Scimitar blade is hollow ground from super tough AUS 8A stainless steel honed to razor sharpness and features the famous curve of its ancient namesake. It has been painstakingly designed to facilitate the most effective cutting stroke known to man, the draw cut. The blade also has a needle sharp point which pierces at the slightest touch.

Superior engineering combines traditional appeal with the latest Western technology in the contoured Zytel® and steel frame handle designed exclusively by Lynn Thompson for the Cold Steel® Scimitar. The pistol grip handle allows a forward, reverse or palm reinforced grip while finger grooves, checkering, a pocket clip and hard-hitting pommel contribute to its ease of carry and rock steady grip.




Order Number Mfg. Part Number Description Price
CSL 00223 25SS   Scimitar ( Serrated ) $89.99
CSL 00224 25S

 ( Plain Edge )


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