Make short work of filleting fish with our Cold Steel Filet Knives! Nothing makes this task easier than a keen blade that will lie flat against the backbone and glide through a fish like butter.

Honed from 3/32" thick Carbon V® steel, our Filet blades are stronger and tougher than the competition's and they hold their sharp edges longer than any stainless blade.

The key to the Filet Knife's cutting power is an approximately 20% wider blade than most of our competitors. This allows a for a long, shallow "V" cross section, a wider grind, and a thinner edge which makes for a sharper knife.

Available in 3 blade lengths, the Filet Knives feature deeply checkered, shock absorbing Kraton® handles for a firm grip. The hard, self-draining polycarbonate sheaths sport an integral belt loop.

Order Number Mfg. Part Number Description Price
CSL 00191 90WFS Filet Knife 
( Small )
CSL 00192 90WFM  Filet Knife 
( Medium )
CSL 00193 90WFL Filet Knife 
( Large )
Filet Knives come complete with heavy duty sheath

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Over the last 14 years, Cold Steel® has established the Tanto as a superior combat blade. And the value of the Tanto style reinforced point is now without question. Our superb Japanese Tantos are still unsurpassed for fit and finish, but are quite expensive, and beyond the reach of many knife lovers. Now we've combined a 7" blade, classic Tanto styling, the strength of Carbon V® steel and a comfortable, western-style Kraton® handle in a very affordable package.

Backed by the strength of Carbon V® Steel the Recon Tanto is redefining the standard for combat knives. It is fast becoming the preferred fixed blade for SWAT teams and special military units.

But don't just take our word for it! Visit your local dealer. Feel the quality and test the razor sharp edge and you'll see why, as a professional, this is one knife you can't afford to be without!

The Recon Tanto comes complete with a Concealex sheath.

Order Number Mfg. Part Number Description Price
CSL 00202 13RTK Recon Tanto $89.99

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Survival/Rescue operations demand a versatile knife able to withstand extreme abuse. The SRK® was designed by Lynn Thompson with this in mind. No expense was spared in steel, heat treating and construction. Only expensive surface polishes have been eliminated.

Instead, the blade has a rich black epoxy powder coat to help protect the Carbon V® steel from the elements. The blade features a tremendously strong clip point that's fine enough for delicate work, yet possesses enough belly for efficient cutting, slashing and skinning strokes.

At 3/16" of an inch thick, the SRK® offers the sturdiest possible point and edge configuration, without sacrificing sharpness. Plus, every blade is hand honed to a superb edge that is hair flinging sharp!

The SRK's® handle is made of black Kraton® rubber. It sports a single quillion finger guard and a checkered
non-slip grip.

The SRK comes with a Concealex® sheath.

Order Number Mfg. Part Number Description Price
CSL 00203 38CK  SRK Survival Rescue Knife $80.99

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