The push knife was first made popular in the U.S. during the 1849 Gold Rush in California. The reason for the success of this knife was a combination of compact size, deadly efficiency and unparalleled grip.

Now Cold Steel® is happy to present the finest production push knives in almost 150 years, featuring unique non-slip Kraton® handles, which mold comfortably to the fist for a grip that's almost impossible to dislodge.

These knives are tremendously popular with military personnel around the world because unlike a revolver or automatic pistol, they never break, malfunction or run out of ammunition. What's more, they offer "big knife" cutting and piercing potential in a compact package (2" shorter overall than most boot knives) that can be easily attached to tactical web gear, tucked in a waistband or boot top or strapped to a wrist or ankle.

Safe Keeper I

Designed for the turn of the century, the Safe Keeper I is the ultimate push knife. Its 5" long blade is extra-wide (almost 11/2") and unlike other boot knives, is ground thin enough at the edge to be breathtakingly sharp. Just the look of this knife with its wicked blade jutting out from the fist is enough to deter most aggressors. Plus, if action is necessary, the Safe Keeper's shock absorbing, "T" shaped handle provides devastating "punching" blows yet is so secure in one's closed fist that it is practically impossible for even a novice to be disarmed.

Safe Keeper II

In may respects, the Safe Keeper II is almost a carbon
copy of the Safe Keeper I. It offers the same razor sharp AUS 8A stainless steel, heat treatment, and beautiful satin finish. Even the shape of the blade and handle are remarkably similar. The only real difference is that the
length of the blade (33/4") and handle have been
shortened to accommodate those who recognize the many tactical advantages of the push knife but prefer an even lower profile.



Every Safe Keeper is supplied with a Kydex boot/belt sheath which features a friction fit retainment system to prevent loss and facilitate immediate access.


Order Number Mfg. Part Number Description Price
12A  Safe Keeper I $103.49
CSL 00134 12B Safe Keeper II $89.10
CSL 00183 12C  Safe Keeper III $71.99

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This cutting dynamo is only 1/2 an ounce in weight and about two inches long, yet it delivers heavyweight performance! The razor-sharp edge features our exclusive serration pattern, so it zips through most materials at unbelievable speed. Plus, the Mini Pal's unique handle offers a variety of grips that would be impossible with any other design. The 1" long, spear point blade can slice open delicate packages and envelopes or punch through heavy cartons.

Every Mini Pal comes complete with a patented quick-release sheath. This tough Zytel® sheath is ready to clip on a key chain, belt loop, jacket zipper or lanyard. So the Mini Pal can go anywhere with you. It's so light that you won't even notice it, but you'll use it every day!

Order Number Mfg. Part Number Description Price
CSL 00059 43NS Mini Pal $17.99

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